EuregionCup Football

Trilingual Football Competition For Pupils

Definition and learning objective

Three hundred pupils (boys and girls) play football with and against each other in linguistically mixed teams.

Target group(s)


Sporting activities offer various opportunities to easily and quickly get into contact and to combine one’s efforts towards a common cause (winning a competition) without the absolute need to master the neighbouring languages. Spontaneous communication with one’s neighbour arises by actively achieving this goal.

For the EuregionCup, several teams, each of which comprising three teammates from the three Euregional language areas, are composed. Hence, the teams are not created alongside the language areas. Each teams includes 9 players and they enter the competition all day long. We take care of the shirts!

This form of collaboration is sportively supported by the so-called „Schweizer System“, which offers all teams the possibility to play against as many competitors of equal standing as possible. This sporting activity is supported by the mini-language course „Football German-French-Dutch“ and a joint meal.

The team competition will be decided at random. To facilitate the organization and reduce the communication barrier, pupils will be recruited in groups of three from your school. The number of teams per school is not fixed. However, we aim to include as many schools as possible from a wide-ranging geographical distribution. There are separate competitions for boys and girls.

120 girls and 170 boys from the Euregion Maas-Rhine took part in the 2011 EuregionCup. To get a glimpse from the Kerkrade competition: [pictures].

More info?

Florian Niehaus, District Government Cologne


Florian Niehaus: - Tel.: + 49 241 963 1951

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