All sing along!

A musical encounter with the neighbours and their languages

Definition and learning objectives

Girls and boys from the Euregion Maas-Rhine get together to learn the songs in the neighbouring langues and carry out a trilingual programme.

Target group(s)


Music and Language, a perfect match! Dutch-, German- and French-speaking youngsters learn singing together in all three languages.

In the run-up to this happening, it is desirable to „study“ a small repertory of three typical and easy songs in your mother tongue. Equipped with this small „programme“ we fix a date after consultation and you meet up with classes from the neighbouring areas. Thus, your pupils will learn some songs in two „new“ languages and teach their repertory to youngsters from the neighbouring area. The crowning achievement is a great and glittering trilingual show!

We organize this offer for two age groups of maximally 150 participants: 8-10 and 10-12 years old. No former knowledge about the neighbouring languages is compulsory. Instrumental accompaniment (guitar, keyboard…) is welcome but no requirement.

We take care of the logistical organisation:

In March 2011 we acquired some wonderful experience through the trilingual musical Euregional A Capella-Academy experiment. Some snapshots can be viewed here.

More info?

Florian Niehaus, District Government Cologne


Florian Niehaus: - Tel.: + 49 241 963 1951

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