Auf die Plätze, klaar, partez!

Stories that help to learn the neighbouring languages of the Euregion Maas-Rhine.

Definition and learning objective

Methodological introduction and learning material (stories, scripts, drawings) for a playful encounter with the neighbouring languages.

Target group(s)


Linguacluster has developed 10 richly illustrated child stories, which teachers and educators can act out within their groups.

Just as with the mother tongue acquisition, this method is based upon the principle that children best (and most willingly) learn foreign languages in familiar and challenging situations framed in sensory perception.

In an initial stage, a first contact with the neighbouring language is created to acquaint the children with the particular sound and pronunciation. Of course „orthodox“ methods of preparatory foreign language learning can be easily combined with this method.

Moreover, the children themselves are not expected to possess any former knowledge. Neither should the „teacher“ have full mastery of the language: scripts with detailed instructions support the preparation. Thus, as in drama, texts and successive scenes will be studied. These can be performed in a reiterative process. Hence, progress in expression and pronunciation is made possible. As of December 2011, small videos and an audio CD show you how it is done!

A short manual containing practical tips for the method usage and story guidelines can be found here.

An overview of the 10 short stories can be found here.

More info?

Florian Niehaus, District Government Cologne


Florian Niehaus: - Tel.: + 49 241 963 1951

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