Euregion vis-à-vis!

We and our Neighbours – a Euregion-Book of Knowledge

Definition and Learning objective

A reading comprehension book and exercise book built around 40 topics, which are “typically Euregional” with various images, search assignments, interesting links and tips for outings.

Target group(s)


Children discover their surroundings little by little. Starting at home, their world increasingly expands. Every day they encounter new „secrets“ in their surroundings, in nature, in technique and history. These „remarkable events“ may not strike them at first; some may be hidden nearby, others need more careful discovery on hitherto untrodden paths.

Finding one’s way in this world is often easy, often difficult, and very often a very exciting challenge! A school shows things to children which they often do not fully understand or may call into question. A school helps them in asking the right questions in order to get the correct answers.

The Euregion-Book of Knowledge for 9-11-year olds will introduce children to their home region, also beyond their village and country borders in order to sensitize them to the diverse mosaic of the Euregion Maas-Rhine. It strives to make them discover shared characteristics and differences, and encourages them to discover this knowledge among family and friends. Forty topics will be presented from the fields of nature and environment, technique, history, culture, sports etc: ranging from fun- and nature parks to French fries.

Besides exciting informative texts also various pictures, maps and graphs are included to visualize concepts and to stir curiosity. Research assignments and links encourage the children to look further on the spot or on the internet. For each theme destinations (extra-school learning sites) within the Euregion worth visiting are presented. Learning is achieved by travelling, also in one’s own surroundings! Needless to say that also neighbouring languages play a vital part in this process...

An overview of the proposed topics can be found here from September 2012.

More info?

Florian Niehaus, District Government Cologne


Florian Niehaus: - Tel.: + 49 241 963 1951

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