Article 1

The exchanges on the LINGUACLUSTER website are intended for young people who want to learn the languages and cultures of other language communities, regions, countries,… and for (future) teachers of the disciplines concerned. The objective is to bring young people of all countries all over the world, no matter what language they speak, closer together through a communication platform, by broadening cultures and through dialogue. Thanks to the direct contact, everyone will be able to profit from the skills and knowledge that can be acquired in authentic communication situations. By the way, the teacher-/tutor-promoter can always come to aid.

Article 2

These exchanges can come about through any interactive means of communication, such as the internet (e-mail, chat …), telephone, fax and letters. These can be supplemented with personal encounters: mutual visits or pupil exchanges, journeys, joint visits or other activities.

Article 3

Teachers of young people who use the LINGUCLUSTER platform commit themselves to excluding any use of the exchanges for purposes which are disapproved of by the customs or the laws of the countries concerned and to make sure that there is mutual respect between people and cultures as is intended in United Nations resolution A/RES/53/243: Declaration and Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace.

Article 4

LINGUACLUSTER can on no account be held responsible for users of this platform who do not observe the obligations as described above.

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